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Mitchell Bauman – Designer & Creative

Mitchell is a multidisciplinary designer and creative born & raised in the city of Columbus, Ohio. As a graduate of CCAD, he is committed
to learning through hands-on problem solving and collaboration. Mitchell aspires to push design in new and unique ways by creating purposeful experiences. He combines his design expertise with a keen
eye for detail 
allowing him to produce brilliant ideas with innovative solutions that create unique and lasting experiences.

My passion for Graphic Design stems from my love of photography, computer tinkering, and architecture. Towards the end of my years in grade school, I taught myself basic concepts 
and tools used across different digital design software. Shortly after I stumbled upon the Columbus College of Art and Design, where I was able to study with a wealth of talented designers. I was able to exercise a wide range of design principles, and techniques. Including but not limited to the art of Print, Web & Digital,  Typography, Art Direction, and Brand Strategy. 

Now that my time at CCAD has concluded. I aspire to continue my career in the world of design. However, in my time at CCAD, I had the pleasure of working and collaborating with


many great designers and clients. I have found that every brand has a story to tell. In order to find the best way to tell their story, I learned that collaborating with the client and its products opens the door to the strongest solutions.
Using this philosophy, I always strive to make purposeful designs that create unique experiences that endure the test of time. 

When I am not sitting behind my computer, you can find me somewhere on a small hill riding my snowboard, wandering around for stills, or just kickin' it enjoying a cold one (sometimes all at the same time). If you would like to discuss possible business inquiries, please feel free to shoot me an email!


Including but not limited to: Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Strategy, Print Design, Web & Digital Design, Environment Design, Typography, Photography, Video Editing, and Motion Graphics. 


Walmart, UpWest, Colorado Rapids, Experience Columbus, MLS, Amazon, Dirty Frank's, Sally Beauty/CosmoProf. and Justice

Image captured during the Chewing Gum Rosé product shoot. Click here to view the case study.

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