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UpWest Pop-Up Retail Environment

Retail Experience Design

UpWest, a recently launched DTC brand, challenged Civitas to develop its physical retail language and environment for a three-month pop-up shop in Roosevelt Field Mall. We managed each step of the store’s development, from approval to execution.


Visualizing the Space

We rendered the store in 3D to illustrate concepts with spatial and textural accuracy.

Our team workshopped details with the client during a digital walkthrough of the store and its fixtures.

RooseveltFrames copy.png

Fit & Finish.

We planned and placed every detail, incorporating the brand’s visual muse, Joshua Tree National Park, throughout the space.

From inspiration and mood boards to circulation charts and merchandise layouts, we took a collaborative, hands-on approach with all store planning, working in lock-step with our client to create a space that represented the brand with authenticity.

UpWestPopUp-FULL-WIDE copy2.jpg

The impact

With the digital evolution of retail, quick-change specialty spaces are becoming more desirable by both brands and customers.

In order to make an impact, spaces like this one have to be thoughtfully designed and meaningful to customers. This is especially important for DTC brands who are looking to introduce themselves to their audiences.


• 22 Million Annual Mall Visitors
• 1,150 Sq.ft Space

Designed and Executed for UpWest with

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